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During late fall the museum is open weekends 10-5   978-768-7541

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At the Essex Shipbuilding Museum you can still experience New England work ethics, attitudes and values that have much to teach us today.

Our web site describes our offerings and services for educational discovery, for tours and for visitors, but only a visit can give you the authentic experience of a remarkable New England village. There is always something new happening here!

In addition to visiting, volunteering is a very rewarding part of our museum's strength. Many volunteers with a wide variety and level of skills are engaged in many new facets of our museum. Contact the Museum for current  opportunities.


Visiting the Museum

There are a number of ways that you can visit the Museum. Both individual and group tours, including school groups, are available. Unlike museums with a one size fits all format, the tours can be tailored to your particular interests. In addition to tours there are opportunities for scholars to access the extensive collections. 

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Have you ever wanted a wreath with your personal touches, but weren't sure where to start?

Join us at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum's Waterline Center as Susie Talbot guides us through decorating a 20" wreath. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced wreath maker, this is the event for you!

We will provide wreaths, ribbons, and a variety of decorations to choose from. Your choices will insure that  the wreath you take home will reflect you.

Should you have a unique item you wish to use on your wreath, please bringit.  If you have your own clippers or scissors, we will appreciate it if you can bring them along.

Due to the nature of the workshop, space will be limited, and we do needyou to register so we can know in advance how many wreaths will beneeded.

Registration charges will be based on the number of wreaths you wish to make.

Once registered you can drop in any time the workshop is running.

Monday December 1, 2014
Waterline Center
4:00 - 7:00 pm
Cost: $40/wreath