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Group Tours and Field Trips can be scheduled week days.

Call 978-768-7541 for details.

So many things happening at the Museum this spring: 

Women of Essex Exhibit Opens 3/18/17; National Boatbuilding 4/1/17;

Trustees of Reservations Choate Island Talk 4/5/17; Art Exhibits 4/7 and 4/8/17;

Town of Essex Civil War Document Project Launch 4/12/17. Digital Photography Workshop 6/3/17.

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Welcome to History

At the Essex Shipbuilding Museum you can experience New England work ethics, attitudes and values that have much to teach us today.

There are a number of ways  you can visit the Museum. Both individual and group tours, including school groups, are available. In addition to tours there are opportunities for scholars to access the extensive collections. 
There is always something new happening here!

In addition to visiting, volunteering is a very rewarding part of our museum's strength. Contact the Museum for current  opportunities.

Save these Dates!

Women of Essex: Stories to Share

Opening Saturday March 18,2017 5-8 PM


Open Sunday March 19  10-5 and then weekends 10-5 until April 2.

There will be a one weekend gap then it will be open Weekends from April 15 through the 30th.

The poster has an error that says the end is Apr 29.


APRIL Fools Day 4/1/17: National Boat Building Event - 3 teams racing against time and tide 10 am - 3 pm.  

MAY 12, 7 pm: Town of Essex Civil War Documents Project Launch - Waterline Center